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Shida Rd., Lane 114, No. 5, 1F, Taipei, Taiwan View Map

Opening Hours

Noon to 11 (kitchen closes at 10) Monday to Sunday



(02) 2363-6015

New Products

Bacon Burger


The newest burger is “A Good Lei” – sorry about the name but we couldn’t resist (It’s our Hawaiian burger).

It’s a honey glazed grilled ham steak, pineapple mayo, a slice of pineapple and 2 rashers of bacon - Divine!

Vanilla shake


Made with good icecream, fresh fruit & imported syrups.

Available in Vanilla, Banana, Peppermint, Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango, Chocolate, Chocolate-Banana and Caramel.

Favourites from the KGB kitchen

Our Favourite Burgers

We have 10 beef burgers, 10 chicken burgers, 9 vegetarian, 1 lamb (more coming) and 1 grilled ham. Spoilt for choice eh!

  • CC Heaven – smooth creamy camembert cheese covered with cranberry sauce. It’s thanksgiving on a burger. Great with beef or chicken or the walnut lentil patty.
  • Satay – Indonesian style peanut satay sauce is perfect on chicken but really it goes with anything.
  • Lamb Burger – a NZ lamb patty with honey lemon feta, tsaziki and a sliced cucumber.
  • Bacon Avocado – crispy bacon on top of fresh avocado.
  • KGB Aioli – Aioli is a delicious Spanish ginger and lime mayonnaise.
  • The Tower – a stack of freshly grilled vegetables including egg plant, red pepper, yellow pepper, mushroom, lettuce & a ginger lime aioli.
  • The Classic – mustard, ketchup, pickles and melted Gouda cheese.
  • Little Piggy – bacon and Gouda cheese – the classic cheeseburger.

Yummy Salads

  • KGB Apple & Walnut – spinach leaves, sliced apple, walnuts, celery, cherry tomatoes, gouda cheese & KGB’s green apple vinaigrette
  • KGB Rocket – rocket (when available), lolla rossa, frisse, tomato, red onion, red pepper, yellow pepper, black olives & grated cheese
  • KGB Caesar – romaine, croutons, parmesan, bacon bits & KGB’s Caesar dressing


  • We make our milkshakes with good ice cream, fresh fruit & imported syrups.
  • The smoothies are fruit blended with homemade yoghurt and honey.
  • South African Rooibos tea is available.
  • Monteiths NZ beers are represented by Monteiths – the premier boutique beer in New Zealand.
  • South African Ciders are available – Hunters Gold and Savanna Dry.

Chips! (Fries)

Choose between regular French fries, garlic fries, Gouda cheese fries or bacon & Gouda cheese fries.

Chips bro!

Vegetarian Burgers

Most of my friends are vegetarians and it’s always been difficult to find a restaurant where we both are happy with the food. As a result we have 9 vegetarian burgers at the moment so everyone will find something they like.

The base is a lentil walnut patty.

Vegetarian Burger

The KGB team

Antoni Barry (Ant)


A Gisborne boy with itchy feet decided to stop off in Taiwan for “3 months” on the way to London. The 3 months turned in to 3 years, 3 years into 6 and so on. He still hasn’t been to London.

Matt Blackburn

Matt Blackburn

Born and bred in Auckland, Matt like most young kiwis felt the need to flee New Zealand and see the world. Matt has a keen interest in food and has an important role in the development of KGB’s recipes.

The Wonderful
KGB Staff


The KGB staff are part of the secret of why your KGB experience is always so good.

If you are interested in working for KGB, drop in and ask for Ant.

KGB is hiring

Quality Ingredients


Good ingredients are the first step in creating truly healthy and tasty burgers. At KGB we’ve set high standards and expect these to be maintained.

We understand how easy it is to lose that “edge” so we’ve established standards and trained our staff to believe in them and take them to heart.

All the patties and sauces are made by the KGB chefs to our own recipes and high standards. The buns are made to order for KGB according to our own recipe by professional bakers.

We only use pure New Zealand beef and free range chicken.

South African products supplied by the nice chaps at Webspar.

New Zealand Connection

Photos of New Zealand by Steve Leggat (c)

Matt and Antoni are 2 of many kiwis living a long way from home in foreign countries (4 million live in NZ and another 1.5 million are travelling and living in other countries).

Many ideas have been introduced to NZ by returning kiwis so too are a few ideas exported around the world. NZ style burgers being one of them. They combine the best of the ideas brought back combined with the fresh healthy tastes of NZ.

The sauce containers in KGB are a classic kiwi icon and make any travelling New Zealanders feel warm and fuzzy inside when they see them.

Map and Directions

Map around Shida Road


Shida Rd., Lane 114, No. 5, 1F, Taipei, Taiwan - Google Map


We are opposite the Wellcome supermarket on Shida Rd. Just down Lane 114. Look for the red KGB sign.